You Belong Here

FGLI Stories was created at the 3rd Annual AL1GN National Conference at the University of Virginia by conference organizers Joshua Farris and Michaela Moses. In the first programming event of the conference, seven speakers shared their personal narratives of growth and perseverance in higher education. Their stories and advice for inspired UVA organizers and AL1GN founders to make difference-education a permanent feature of the AL1GN Conference series with the goal of making narratives available online for FGLI students and allies seeking greater inclusion in higher education. With this goal in mind, they named the proposal: You Belong Here: Stories of FGLI Student Empowerment, an initiative of the AL1GN Conference series. We hope that students struggling will know that they are not alone and that they matter. We also hope that faculty, staff, administration and other allies will understand the need for greater support systems for FGLI students in higher education. If you are/were an FGLI student, we hope you’ll consider sharing your story with us and others on our site.