Past Conferences

AL1GN 2018

The George Washington University, DC

March 23rd – March 25th, 2018

  • More attendees from 23 different schools
  • Centering FGLI narratives through group activities and an administrator and faculty panel
  • Workshops on financial literacy and breaking the student-professor barrier
  • Professional development sessions on salary negotiation and applying to graduate school

AL1GN 2018 Program


AL1GN 2017

Barnard College, NYC

March 31st – April 2nd, 2017

  • Student presenters from institutions nationwide
  • Panel discussions with Alumni and Recent Graduates
  • Workshops on institutional support and the sustainability of student driven groups
  • Town Hall on challenges and solutions
  • Facilitated conversations between and among students and administrators

AL1GN 2017 Program